or végétal capim dourado menina chic Brésil

In the region of Tocantins, is born one of the great wealth of the state. The golden grass, or syngonanthus nitens, is the stem of a small white flower of the family of evergreen trees, in which shines its golden glow of dreams and hopes of a people.

In this world apart, consisting of sands, mountains, springs, streams, streams that never dry, waterfalls, dunes, people gather grass to make handicrafts that have changed the world. many families by creating real design objects.

The technique of transforming an entanglement of threads into ornamental pieces was saved by the hands of descendants of slave craftsmen who learned to harvest this plant and to give it particular forms.

Today, parents continue to teach children the artisanal techniques of plant gold in the villages and towns that make up this oasis. A portion of residents' income comes from sales, in the region's markets, in the country's fair stores and internationally.

 From this grass, we make various types of pieces, decorative objects, jewelry and accessories.

Since 2000, with easier access by communities in the Jalapão region to the nearest towns, the Tocantins State Government, through the Department of Culture, has begun to encourage craftsmanship through golden grass. The coins then began circulating in major urban centers such as Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Today, the association Capim Dourado with which we work, in charge of marketing and logistics of the distribution of products, has more than 150 artisans.

Menina Chic Brazil has been working with this association of craftsmen since 2010. Each craftsman sets his prices freely and is remunerated directly. On our last trip to this region, we personally met each of them. It was an opportunity to know their techniques and their know-how. An unforgettable experience!